Igawa Asagi
Watabe Sayumi
The leader of all Taimanins, a group of ninjas
who fight for justice. Serves as the head-
mistress of Gosha Academy, the educational
institute for Taimanins.

Utilizes master swordsmanship and super-
human physical capabilities, in addition to
her ninja art that allows her to move at a
speed beyond human perception. She has
awakened her true power during a certain
mission. Her weapon of choice is a ninja

Her ninja art, Hawk Art, allows her
to heighten her senses and physical capa-
bilities, allowing her to move sixfold faster
than normal. She perceives the world in slow
motion while using her ninja art; others
perceive her as moving at the speed of light.
Since her ninja art greatly exhausts her, she
cannot use it multiple times at once.
Igawa Sakura
Satoyama Haato
Asagi's younger sister. Always bright and
friendly. A young girl who gives off both a
gorgeous and cheerful vibe.

Born with a rare ninja art just like her sister,
she is a ninja who uses "Shadow Art". She
became a Taimanin much to her sister's
objection, because she also wanted to fight
for justice like her sister Asagi.

Sakura has helped her sister in multiple
missions, and even if she isn't noticed that
well, she has made a name for herself as an
exemplary Taimanin. She uses dual-wielding
ninja daggers as her main weapon.

Believes she has a good relationship with
Yatsu Murasaki, who actually despises
Sakura, and only looks up to Asagi. She is
often on missions with Murasaki when not
with her sister. And to other Taimanin, the
duo are known as "Sakumura".

Her ninja art, Shadow Art, is a supernatural
ability to meld into shadow, or teleport bet-
ween shadows. She is also capable of shap-
ing shadows into animals like sharks or bears,
or using the shadow itself as a bladed
Mizuki Yukikaze
Kanbe Yui
Taimanin, student of Gosha Academy.
Although still a student, she is frequently on
missions, and she is expected to be the
leading force of the new generation. On
missions, she often works with her senior
Akiyama Rinko.
She is known as the Lightning Bolt for
her weapon of choice, guns akimbo and
her lightning bullets. She is almost perfect,
except for her temper and pride. Very few
know that she is in fact quite shy around
strangers. She is close with Akiyama
Tatsurou, her childhood friend and Rinko's
younger brother, but the two have made
little progress in romance.

Her ninja art, Lightning Art, is an ability to
manifest and control lightning, and
considered the most powerful of all
ninja arts. Her ninja art is overwhelmingly
powerful, to the point that she requires a pair
of handgun-type limiters, "Lightning Shooter,"
to control it within her threshold.
Akiyama Rinko
Satomi Hana
Taimanin, student of Gosha Academy. The
successor of the Itto Style, a swordsmanship
style that has been passed down in the ninja
village for generations. Famous for her nick-
name Savage Hunter, she is respected as a
strong, elegant, and strict senior student in
Gosha Academy. She is so popular among
girls, a fan club of her is secretly growing in
size without her even knowing it exists.

A childhood friend of "Lightning Bolt" Mizuki
Yukikaze, as well as her sister figure. She is
almost always seen with Yukikaze and
supports her faithfully. Aside from her, her
known connection is her younger brother
Akiyama Tatsuro and her junior Fuuma

Her ninja art, Void Art can manipulate space.
She can perceive things from great distance
by shifting her senses, or shift herself and
others around her into a distance location.
Void Art is highly versatile, but teleporting in
rapid succession has the risk of exhausting
Yatsu Murasaki
Nakano Nami
Taimanin, teacher of Gosha Academy.
As a former lower ninja of a faction that
serves Asagi as their master, her brother
Yatsu Kuro is also active as a Taimanin.
She is expected to become the next Asagi,
a Taimanin captain of the new generation.

It's hard to know from her cold appearance,
but she is kind and thoughtful. She has strong
feelings towards Asagi which seems more
than simple admiration, so she becomes
much softer in front of her. She likes cats
but unfortunately cats are afraid of her.

Her ninja art, Awakened Immortal, is a super-
natural ninja art that allows her to become
immortal with superhuman restoration
abilities. Unless her heart and brain are
destroyed simultaneously, she will remain
immortal. Furthermore, her immortal body
has unimaginable power and agility, which
allows her to perform powerful hand-to-hand
combat, and to swing her giant axe without
breaking a sweat.
Su Jinglei
Inoue Marina
An investigator of the Chinese Union PLA
Intelligence Department. She was called in as
a deputy officer of the task force which was
organized to prevent international terrorism
and the attack from the demon realm,
and assists Fuuma Kotaro. She skipped
grades several times and graduated Beidao
University with top honors.

She inherited Taimanin's blood from her
great-grandfather, who became orphaned
after a war. To train her skills as a Taimanin,
she had visited Japan several times and
got educated by Asagi in Gosha.
She admires Asagi, calling her "Master".

Her ninja art, Beast Art, is a superhuman
ninja art that takes the power of a beast
inside her body. It's also called the Beast
For Su, the power of a black dragon resides
in her body, which allows her to use physical
abilities beyond those of humans. Also, she
disperses an aura of Particles and makes
blades out of her hand or wings on her back.

Mizuki Shiranui
Asai Harumi
Taimanin, mother of Mizuki Yukikaze.
Once renowned as a brave Taimanin, she
temporarily retired from dangerous missions
after Yukikaze's birth, to work as Igawa
Asagi's advisor. However, she was forced to
return to the field after her husband was
killed in action.

Although she claims to be "out of shape
compared to her best days", her skills are on
a par with the 'Almighty' Igawa Asagi, and
she can still handle several veteran
Taimanins without breaking a sweat.
With her trusty Naginata polearm, she can
mow down a horde of enemies with a legion
of her own duplicates. She is known and
dreaded by the denizens of the dark side as
the Phantom, the one-man army.

Her ninja art, Water Art: Geneijin, allows her
to mold water skillfully into illusions, an
extremely rare feat even among Water
Artists. She can use the illusion as a
decoy to mislead incoming attacks, or as
a weapon to attack the enemies. Useful in
both offense and defense.
Emily Simmons
Minami Saki
An anti-Nomad UFS scientist. During her
medical support in Kotrara, she encountered
and befriended the Taimanin task force, and
she is currently cooperating with them.

She firmly believes in the power of science
that can be utilized for anyone, regardless
of the user's innate talents. She is deeply
interested in Taimanins' extraordinary
physiques and supernatural abilities, and
seeks to break them down in scientific theory
to contribute to the benefit of mankind.

She possesses photographic memory that
allows her to remember everything she saw
in the past, and parallel cognition that allows
her to simultaneously compute multiple
tasks. Her default role is to support, but with
the help of powered exoskeletons, she can
pick a good fight herself.

Shinganji Kurenai
Sakurai Nanae
Taimanin. A heretic, as she is a mix between
human and vampire, and lives as a Taimanin.

She was taught swordsmanship by her grand-
father, Shinganji Gen-an, and received
attention as she was considered to be the
heir of the Fuuma clan. But due to the revolt
of Fuuma Danjo, Taimanins went against
each other, causing Gen-an to step down.
Even Kurenai, who was supposed to take
over, left Fuuma's village and lived without
being associated with any other clan. But
when it comes to Fuuma Kotaro who is her
childhood friend, she always contemplates
whether to help him or not. But in the end,
she always helps him for old time's sake.

As a half-human half-demon, she possesses
physical abilities that aid her in combat.
She swiftly swings her dual wield swords
'Shirakami' and 'Koma', inherited from
Shinganji Gen-an, the predecessor of the
Fuuma Clan. Her ninja art 'Wind Art' com-
bined with the Shinganji dual wield style
creates a 'Whirlwind Zone' that shreds the
enemy with a vacuum blade.

A former Taimanin, and an executive of
Nomad, also known as the "Traitor Taimanin".

In the past she was a master of the Koukawa
ninja clan but turned against it and recruited
mercenaries, calling themselves the "Oboro
Ninja Troops", and helped Nomad expand its
power in Japan.

As an old archenemy of Igawa Asagi, the
Almighty Taimanin, she was killed by her,
but was revived by demonizing herself
with evil medical techniques, and has been
continuing the ill fate with Asagi ever since.

Her main weapon is a pair of steel claws, and
she is able to control one's mind with her
ninja art of hypnosis.

Koukawa Asuka
Nagatsuma Juri
Rogue Taimanin. The young head of the
famed Koukawa family, as well as the
clan's only survivor.

After Edwin Black killed her parents, she was
taken in and raised by Asagi. She started
gaining recognition from the age of 14 after
performing well on dangerous missions.
However, she disappeared after ignoring or-
ders from Asagi and challenging Edwin Black,
which left her with serious injuries to her
arms and legs.

After having been missing for a while, she
emerged with mechanical arms and legs.
Her highly advanced prosthetic arms can
move like biological arms, they're powerful
and precise like a machine, and have various
built-in weapons. Now she's as powerful as
Asagi and sows fear as the "Steel Reaper",
destroying both human and demon members
of the dark side.

Onisaki Kirara
Akesaka Satomi
A Taimanin, and student at Gosha Academy.

A half Oni and human hybrid who inherited
the powers of her mother who is a high-
rank Oni known as the "Frost Phantom",
and the ninja art of her Taimanin father.
She has horns growing out the sides of her
head, which is a characteristic of the Onis,
but she's had a complex about them since
she was a child, so she usually hides them
with large ribbons and shaggy ponytails.
She hates men and thinks that all men are

Her power to manipulate cold air, which she
inherited from her mother, is so powerful
that she can freeze moisture in the air in an
instant to create an ice shield, or freeze an
enemy with her cold air-clad fists. However,
due to an argument with her father, she
sealed her ninja art and refuses to use it,
so barely anyone knows what kind of ninja
art she uses.

Kinoshita Sayaka
Demon. Hell Knight. Aide of Edwin Black, the
leader of a multinational company Nomad.
She's always by his side as a secretary and
a guard. She is cold to everyone apart from
Edwin Black and is not on good terms with
Oboro, Nomad's executive.

She's a descendant of a royal class demon.
She looks no different to a human being but
boasts strength that far outweighs a human's.
She swings a longsword at her enemies that
ignites them on fire.

Noah Brown
Koga Aoi
Demon. A that was created by
combining multiple demon cells. Edwin
Black, the head of Nomad created her
himself. As a deal between Black and the
Queen of the Inferno, Astaroth, she does
Astaroth's bidding, but after an incident
in Tokyo Kingdom where she met the task
force, she fell in love with Fuuma Tokiko's
packed lunch and has stayed with them ever

Appearance-wise she looks like a child, but
she is decades old. Her facial expression
rarely changes, and although she is a
cannibalistic demon that eats humans, she
doesn't feed on them because she thinks
human flesh is disgusting. She can eat
anything she wants, but she likes to eat
sweet stuff the most and hates meat that's
been cooked medium-rare.

Because she was created by combining
multiple demon cells, she naturally carries
traits of multiple demons. Among them, her
immortality is comparable to that of higher-
ranked demons. She doesn't have the will to
fight, and because of her immortality, she
doesn't feel threatened. She can shapeshift
parts of her body to use in her fights but be-
cause she needs lots of energy, she
becomes fatigued very easily.

Ishii Misa
Demon. Rules over the magma-flowing,
burning plains in the corner of the demon
realm. Extremely powerful, she gained
the title of "Queen of the Inferno" from her
ability to manipulate the fires of hell at will.

She has lived for centuries and is acquainted
with the head of Nomad, Edwin Black.
But they went separate ways because of
conflicting views. She also rarely leaves the
demon realm to venture into other worlds.

One day, she suddenly appeared in front of
the task force and offered to lend them a
hand. This can only be explained as a
powerful person acting on a whim.

Fuuma Tokiko
Shimizu Ayaka
Taimanin, the butler of the Fuuma clan,
and a teacher of Gosha Academy.

She is a daughter whom Fuuma Danjo had
with his mistress, which makes her Fuuma
Kotaro's stepsister. She is a talented
Taimanin who calls Fuuma Kotaro "Master"
and supports him in every way.
When the Fuuma clan was in danger
of collapsing after losing the battle against
Taimanins led by the Igawa clan, she did
her best to have Fuuma Kotaro succeed
and continue to lead the clan, then
became his guardian at only 11 years old.

Inheriting the characteristic of the Fuuma
clan, she uses the ninja art of Evil Eye.
Unlike other Evil Eye abilities, her
"Clairvoyance" is activated by closing
her eye, which lets her spy on anywhere
she wants without the need to physically
move. She can secretly gather info
from books or computers with her ninja art.

Also, she is known to be the best at using
a kunai among the Fuuma clan, and can
even hit hidden targets using her Evil Eye
with pinpoint accuracy.

Kousaka Shizuru
Serizawa Yu
Taimanin. Gosha Academy faculty.
Commonly known as "Shizuru of Flowers".
A beautiful and talented female who's
fluent in six different languages, has two
doctorate degrees and expertise in multiple
fields. She's a specialist in undercover
operations with the ability to disguise as
any individual.

She's also a skilled fighter who uses
Wood Art. She doesn't carry a weapon but
is able to create a whip made of rose vines
with her ninja art when she fights.

Her ability to seduce others with her
bewitching charms is one of her talents,
essential for undercover missions.

Date Arisa
Demon. Born from a demonic magic
experiment. A vampire that continues the
ancestors' bloodline. Her father is the king
of vampires who possesses ultimate magic
powers. She's naturally insane, and those
who try to come between her and her
father will not be forgiven, even if they're
her sisters.

She's currently under the protection of
Edwin Black, but she roams freely between
the demon realm and the human realm.
Met Fuuma Kotaro on one of her trips and
became interested in him, and either helps
or bothers him on his missions, enjoying
his reactions while toying with him.

She inherited the blood of the first of her
kind, so she possesses demonic powers
that exceed that of a high rank demon.
Born with a vampire's high regenerative
ability, she can conjure and control a
"shadow blade" that corrodes everything
it touches.

Kamimura Maika
Toyoguchi Megumi
Taimanin. She is foul-mouthed, but helps
the weak and picks fights against the
strong, much like a rather old-fashioned
delinquent. Unlike her wild image, she is
secretly very fond of gyaru fashion.
Sometimes she puts on some of her best
clothes and walks the streets where no
one knows her. Rumor has it that she
keeps a secret chest in her room filled
with all sorts of adorable items.

Even among the Fire Art Taimanins, her
sheer power is outstanding, to a point
where even she cannot control her own
ninja art without the use of a handmade
bazooka named "Meido Bazooka". Her
nickname, Scorching Fire, comes from
her obliterating demons with a single
blast of fireball from her Meido Bazooka.

Uehara Rin
Kiuchi Yukako
Taimanin. A substitute teacher of Gosha
Academy. She teaches field training classes
when she's not on missions and she trains
her student for real battles in the classes.
She respects every student as a Taimanin
even if they are trainees and trains them
thoroughly day and night.

She is a powerful Lightning artist, more than
Mizuki Yukikaze. She is called 'Volt Taimanin'
because it looks as if she glows with
electricity as it flows through her body when
she uses Lightning Art.

Her Lightning Art can be applied to many
situations such as conjuring a lightning blade,
or a shield out of electrons in the air to
protect herself from enemy attacks. She is
usually assigned to annihilation or raid
missions in which she has gained absolute
trust from the higher-ups, including Asagi,
for her accomplishments on those missions.

Kannazuki Sora
Aizawa Saya
Taimanin. Middle school student at Gosha
Academy. A demon who had a grudge
against her Taimanin mother killed her
parents and sold her to the Chaos Arena,
but the Taimanins rescued her and brought
her to Gosha.

From then on, she went to Gosha
academy. However, one day, she
awakened a ninja art and defeated
a demon who intruded Gosha.
She was well acknowledged for it and
dispatched to UFS.

She uses Visage Art which allows her to
summon visions of a fox or a giant. She
used to fight by adding Particles in arrows,
but suddenly, one day her power to control
Particles increased. From then on, when
she uses her power, a fox tail and ears
grow out from her body like the
transformation of Beast Art users.

Annerose Vajra
Aoi Hikaru
Witch. A half-blood born between a male
demon and a female human. She's a witch
but also a swordsman who wields the
legendary demonic sword, Vajrayaksha.
She runs a detective agency both in the
human world and the demon realm. She's
acquainted with powerful leaders in Ami-
dahara who are amiable towards her, but
there are quite a few who are hostile
towards her.
She's highly reputed as the strongest
swordsman among Amidahara's
Recently, she got acquainted with the task
force due to a certain incident that occurred
in Amidahara, and has since formed a
loose form of cooperation with them.

Momochi Nagi
Akaneya Himika
Taimanin. Daughter of Momochi Toyo, the
global terrorist. She left Gosha, following
her father who became a rogue Taimanin
but didn't agree with his thoughts. After the
battle in UFS, she left her father and
returned to Gosha. She's being placed
under the control of the Fuuma clan for
monitor and supervision purposes.

Currently, she serves Fuuma Kotaro, the
Fuuma clan master as her lord, and she
goes on some of the task force's missions
to protect him.

Unlike her father who hasn't awakened his
ninja art, she uses Wind Art and Momochi-
style swordsmanship, which she learned
from her father, and has already reached a

Aina Winchester
Sanada Asami
Ex UFS mercenary. Her parents were killed
by demons when she was young, and she
was tortured by having her eye dug out of
its socket. However, she was saved by a
UFS soldier. She had no one to rely on,
so she grew up in an orphanage. Although
she graduated from an academy of the
UFS, she didn't join the army. Instead, she
became a lonely hunter who makes a living
by hunting demons. Her feats as a demon
hunter were noticed by the UFS, and now
she cooperates with them and receives
supplies from them on her missions.

She is currently contracted with the DSO,
who is cooperating with the task force, so
naturally she is deployed on the same
missions as the task force. And before she
knew it she had been registered as an
official task force member.

It is said that she has the eye of a demon
implanted in her right eye that she wears
an eye patch on, and most of the time, her
weapons use the power of the eye as the
source of power.

Fuuma Saika
Wada Yuina
Taimanin. Hails from the family that has
traditionally served as Fuuma clan's
secretary. She passed down the role of
secretary to Tokiko, and she goes out on
missions as a Taimanin.

She used to be an active Taimanin, until
she lost both of her legs in combat against
demons. The former head of the clan Danjo
saved her life in the brink of death, and the
two went to UFS where she was given
mechanical prosthetic legs. However, when
Danjo turned against the Taimanins, she
sided with Asagi.

She utilizes her cyborg legs in combat.
Furthermore, her Evil Eye allows her to
take control of anyone who meets her

Due to the complicated circumstances
concerning the Fuuma clan, she isn't an
official task force member, but is given
the permission to join their missions as
a supplementary agent in emergency

Amamiya Shisui
Koga Aoi
Taimanin, Gosha Academy student.
Fuuma claims that she is a mysterious girl,
often seen in the library.
She calls herself ""Amamiya Shisui"",
a being close to a ghost. She explains
herself to be a ""remnant of the
previous life"", but the meaning is vague.

Her Wave Art is a very rare ninja art
that materializes the natural aura into a
visage of a 'Guardian,' which she can
manipulate as she sees fit.

She used to be only seen by Fuuma
Kotaro, but lately she's been noticed by
Shishimura Koro and some others.
She can use her powers while in a ghost
form, but to fully release it she must use
an ultimate soul art to possess another

Okamoto Rie
Demon. A Dark Elf living in a forest deep in
the mountains of the demon realm. Among
all Elves that elaborately use the forces of
nature, Dark Elves in particular can use
extraordinary demonic powers.

Eleonor fuses the forces of nature with
her demonic powers and uses them in
divination, rituals, and combat.

Due to their rarity, Dark Elves have piqued
the interest of those who rule in the demon
realm, leading to repeated attacks on their
village. Eleonor's younger sister is one of
the Dark Elves that have been abducted
and sold by human traffickers, which is the
reason she came to the human world, to
rescue her.

Aishu Hebiko
Fuchigami Mai
A student Taimanin of Gosha Academy.
An elite student who is a member of
the student council. Born into a family
that has served the Fuuma clan for
generations, she always takes care of
Fuuma. She claims to be 150cm tall,
and she gets furious when someone
claims she's actually only 149cm tall.

Out of the Beast Art users, she's a
"Beast Transformer" who uses the power
of the Beast to transform. Her beast type
is a "Devil fish", i.e an octopus.
According to her, "Hebiko" (meaning
snake woman in Japanese) is her
great-grandmother's name who was
able to transform into a serpent as
a Beast Transformer.

When transformed, her legs become
flexible octopus tentacles. They can
grow up to 30 meters and regrow
even if they are cut off.
She specializes in the Four-Wielding
style, in which she wields four
daggers in her hands and tentacles.
However, what people really are
afraid of is her ink, which is
notorious for its fishy smell that
doesn't go away for at least three

Igarashi Hiromi
Demon. The captain of a mercenary unit from
the demon realm. She suddenly appeared to
go after Kannazuki Sora. Her personality
and looks are that of a child, but her skills
are not to be underestimated.

Originally a low-rank mercenary, she
apparently tried to take down the former
leader of the unit who was a tyrant and
become the new leader of the group.
However, because their former leader was
taken down by Kannazuki Sora, they failed
at a proper 'crowning'.

This is why they're going after Sora, is what
they claim, but the truth of the story is still a

Kuwahara Yuuki
Demon. A Hell Knight of Nomad's army of
knights. She is a bit pretentious and can be
clumsy at times, but she is a capable
warrior who has honed her skills through
countless training sessions and battles.

She honed her swordsmanship in
admiration of Ingrid, and after joining
Nomad, she began stacking achievements
that caught the attention of Ingrid. This led
to Ingrid giving her the nickname
"Storm Knight" and the demonic sword
"Sakura Blossom".

Although a part of Nomad, that's not on
good terms with Taimanins, she seems to
meet with Fuuma Kotaro, the captain of the
task force, on occasional joint missions or
in private, using their "personal
relationship" as an excuse.