How can I change the appearance of my weapon?
From the lobby screen, go to [Character] → [Weapon] and click the [Main weapon skin/Sub weapon skin] underneath the Magatama slots of the currently equipped weapon to change the weapon's effects.
I don't know the meaning of "red, blue, green" displayed in the skills.
These colors represent the types of supporters that you are currently using.
Each supporter has a type; "Red: Suppress", "Blue: Protect," and "Green: Support".
In addition, you can gain additional skill effects depending on the types of supporters you set.

On the lobby screen, go to [Character] > [Skills], click on a skill and check the skill explanation on the lower left side of the screen for more information.
I can't change my skills.
Skills that have the same command can't be set simultaneously.
Skills are categorized as [A], [B], [C] according to the respective commands
and you can't set skills from the same category.
For more details, go to [Character] → [Skill] tab from the lobby screen
and check its category displayed on the right of the skill name.
How do I change the color of my costume?
From the lobby, go to [Character] → [Costume], then click on the icon on the left of the [Equip] button
which is on the bottom right hand corner of the screen to change the color of your costume.

※Some costumes may not have the option to change colors.

You can also change hairstyles for costumes with this option by clicking the icon on the left of the [Equip] button.
I would like to increase the number of times I can play the quests and my quest rewards.
Only when you have cleared all the [Challenge Objectives] of a quest you can change the amount of [AP] and [Rewards].
If the [Challenge Objectives] have not been cleared, it cannot be changed.
What are supporter's Main and Sub skills?
[Main Skill]
This skill is available when a supporter is set as the main supporter in the supporter slot.
For supporters that are SR and above, the main skill is explained at the bottom of the skill description.

[Sub Skill]
This skill activates automatically regardless of of where you set your supporter.
The sub skill is explained at the top of the skill description.
I can't upgrade weapons in the Weapon Facility.
Only unequipped weapons can be upgraded in the facility.
Unequip the weapon before attempting to upgrade it in the facility.
How can I use the Private Room?
Click on the human-shaped icon in the lower left corner of the screen to purchase the objects you wish to install.
The number of objects you can install is shown in the [SET] on the right side of the screen.

■Screen movement
You can move the screen by tapping and swiping a spot where an object is not installed.

■Manipulating objects
Double-tap an object to display the points that you can manipulate.
To manipulate the object, tap the displayed point of the object and swipe.
What are Magatamas?
Magatamas are materials equipped onto your weapons.
When Magatamas are fully upgraded, they can be polished.
When Magatamas are polished, you can apply option settings effects along with the basic effect of the Magatama
When Magatama option effects are applied, your Magatama level is reverted to level 1.
About Accelerators (Materials for reducing facility operation time).
One accelerator can accelerate processes for 3 minutes.
In order to accelerate a process 180 minutes, you must have 60 accelerators. [180/3 minutes=60 accelerators]
My weapon's level is back to level 1 after forging.
After forging the weapon, its level will revert to level 1.
For more details, click the menu icon on the top left corner of the screen, then click the Qucik Guide tab and check the Weapon Forge section.
My supporter's main skill won't activate when I press the button.
There are supporters without an active main skill, or the supporter's skill may be on cooldown.
There are also supoprters with a "passive skill" that automatically activates after a certain period of time.
I leveled up my character using the EXP Training Facility, but I still couldn't get skill points.
You can acquire skill points only by clearing Quests and from the [Skill Training Facility] (Skill Point Acquisition Facility).
Because of this, you can't get skill points even if you put your character in the EXP Training Facility.