August 15th maintenance complete


Greeting commanders,
the maintenance for August 15th is complete.

1. Eleonor is available with Gems!

Get your playable character "Eleonor" with Gems now!

※ Price: Gems×1,200

2. Login Event #2 is up and running!

Gifts for all users who log in every day!
A chance to obtain a limited-event Commander Mark and more!
Log in for a total of 7 days out of 14 and receive various gifts!

※ Event Period: After maintenance on August 15th, 2023 ~ August 29th, 2023, 01:59 (UTC)
※ Users who log in before maintenance will be processed starting from August 15th, 2023, 15:00 (UTC).

3. Surprise Mission & Surprise Campaign #3!

Surprise Mission and Campaign will be running during the Summer Vacation Event!
Take advantage of the perks to clear the missions and obtain your rewards!
※ Check in-game for the exact schedule for each week.

※ Campaign Time: ~ August 22nd, 2023 01:59 (UTC)
※ Perks
└ Extra EXP on clearing Main Quests
└ Extra EXP on clearing Daily Quests
└ Extra EXP on clearing Event Quests

4. La Tomatina Event is now live!

Clear Surprise Missions that change daily for 3 weeks,
and get a special reward that gives various random items!

※ Check in-game for details on Surprise Missions.
※ Event Period: ~ September 5th, 2023, 01:59 (UTC)

5. 2 Special Limited Package is on sale!

※ Details for "Lilim's Dream Box"
└ Limited Gacha Coin x 5
└ Gems x 200
└ Crystal Fragments x 5
└ Gacha Coins x 5
└ Gold x 150,000

※ Please check in-game for details on "Task Force Emergency Response".
※ Purchase streak rewards
└ Task Force Emergency Response: "Voucher: Emergency Response" x 1 (purchase 5 times), Nanomachine (UR) x 1 (purchase 10 times)
└ Lilim's Dream Box: Doki Doki Present x 10 (purchase 1 time), Limited Gacha Coin x 10 (purchase 5 times), UR Gacha Voucher x 1 (purchase 10 times)
└ Purchase streak rewards can be checked and acquired at each package's right bottom corner of the sales page.
└ Purchase streak rewards can only be acquired during the sales period for each package. Please acquire the rewards before the end of the sales period.

※ Gacha Rate
└ Lilim's Dream Box: All five rewards share equally 20%
└ Task Force Emergency Response: All 20 supporters share equally 5%

6. Repeat Event "(Not) Demon Island: Summer Vacation of the Fuumas" is live!

Clear event stages to obtain gacha tickets and acquire various rewards by rolling the event gacha!

※ Event Period: ~ September 12th, 2023 01:59 (UTC)
※ Event Gacha Period: ~ September 19th, 2023 01:59 (UTC)

※ Please refer to in-game descriptions for detailed information about the event.
※ Event-exclusive gacha tickets cannot be used in the next event.

7. Pickup Gacha is open!

Pickup Gacha with an increased drop rate of the supporter "【UR】 Fuuma Yukina" is open!

※ Available until September 12th, 2023 01:59 (UTC)
※ Supporter "【UR】 Fuuma Yukina" can also be purchased in the Shop of Desires

8. New costumes added!

2 new costumes have been added to the "Suumer Holidays" series!

※ Added costumes: Dixie Repaer (Asuka), Dark Blizzard (Kirara)
※ The "Summer Holidays" is a permanent series.

└ Fixed an anomaly where the limited supporter roster was shown wrongly at the exchange facility.

10. Suspension of cheating users

In order to create a healthy gaming environment, we have imposed disciplinary measures on accounts found to be cheating in the game.
The following 19 accounts have been suspended due to disciplinary measures.

***tik Artan

If you want to appeal the suspension, please contact

In order to protect the users who play the game fairly, GREMORY GAMES will continue to respond strictly to any unfair advantages acquired through improper means and actions.

Stay tuned!