January 23rd Update Complete


Greetings Commanders.
The update for January 23rd, 2024 is complete.
If the update hasn't been applied, please restart the game to apply the update.

1. Limited-Time Costume Repeat Package is now available!

The perfect chance to get a previously released limited-time costume!
Don't miss out on the "New Year Murasaki" package which includes Murasaki's Limited-time costume "New Year Murasaki" and more!

※ Period: ~ Feb. 6th, 2024, 01:59 (UTC)

2. Surprise Missions & Surprise Campaign # 4 Commences!

Surprise missions and campaign will be held during the New Year event!
Take advantage of the perks during the campaign period to clear missions and receive rewards!

※ Please check the exact schedule for each week in the game.

◇ Surprise Missions
※ Event Period: ~ Jan. 30th, 2024 01:59 (UTC)
※ Mission Details:
① Clear Daily Quests
└ Mission Rewards: New Year's Lunch x 3 (Clear 10 times), Crystal Fragment x 3 (Clear 20 times), Blank Emblem x 5 (Clear 30 times), New Year's Present x 3 (Clear 50 times)
② Craft Items
└ Mission Rewards: Shard Kit x 10 (craft 3 times), Ore Kit x 10 (craft 6 times), Material Kit (High) x 10 (craft 9 times)

◇ Surprise Campaign
※ Event Period: ~ Jan. 30th, 2024 01:59 (UTC)
※ Campaign Perks
└ Reduced AP Consumption in Daily Quests
└ Restore 20% HP after clearing Taima-Five VR

3. Pickup Gacha is open!

Pickup Gacha with an increased drop rate of the new supporter "【UR】 [New Lightning] Mizuki Yukikaze" is open!
Roll the Gacha a certain amount of times to get rewards!

※ New Year celebratory Gacha 10 draw reward: "Commander Mark: Lightning God of Destruction"
※ Limited Gacha Coins can be used in this Pickup Gacha.
※ Gacha Coins and Rotation Gacha Coins cannot be used in this Pickup Gahca, and the Pickup Gacha rewards cannot be obtained from normal gachas (Premium, Ticket, Rotation gacha).

※ Pickup Gacha Period: ~ Feb. 6th, 2024 01:59 (UTC)
※ Supporter "【UR】 [New Lightning] Mizuki Yukikaze" is also available in the Shop of Desires.

4. Additional costumes added!

2 new costumes for the "Battle Scarred" series!!

※ Added costumes: Battle Scarred Emily, Battle Scarred Astaroth
※ "Battle Scarred" series costumes are permanently sold.

5. Suspension of cheating users

In order to create a healthy gaming environment, we have imposed disciplinary measures on accounts found to be cheating in the game.
The following 7 accounts have been suspended due to disciplinary measures.


If you want to appeal the suspension, please contact support@gremorygames.com.

In order to protect the users who play the game fairly, GREMORY GAMES will continue to respond strictly to any unfair advantages acquired through improper means and actions.

Stay tuned!

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