[IMPORTANT] Known Issue: Infinite Loading After Log In and More.


Thank you for playing Action Taimanin.

We have identified the following error after the maintenance on Sep. 5th.

- The game freezes after logging into the game.
- The cape of the playable character 'Ingrid' in the costume 'Corporate Warrior Ingrid' does not disappear even when pressing the accessory OFF button.
- Debuff icons on boss characters disappear earlier than the debuff's actual duration.

We have fixed the cause of the issues and updated a revised version on Steam first. iOS and Android versions will be updated in turn as soon as they pass the review of each platforms.

If your Login streak was discontinued due to the above mentioned error, please contact our customer support (support@gremorygames.com) with your account information and we will resolve the problem promptly.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you.