Purchased Gems and package items are not appearing.
It may take some time for your purchased items to appear.
Please try restarting the game with a stable network.

【iOS(App Store)】
Due to delays in the purchase process, it may take some time before the purchase appears.
If the payment is not completed in the "Purchase History" of the App Store, please contact Apple directly.

【Android(Google Play Store)】
1) Check your Google Play order history to see if the purchase process has been completed.
2) Please try clearing the cache of the Google Play Store from the Settings app on your device.
3) If the purchase has been completed, please restart your device.
4) Please check if your new items appear in the game.

Please note that if you try to purchase an item again before it has appeared, you may end up with a duplicate purchase.

If you are using iOS

If you are using Android

If you are using Steam
Types of Gems
■Paid Gems
Gems purchased on each platform.

■Free Gems
Gems that can be obtained for free as log-in bonuses and rewards from missions and achievements.
Gems that are provided as a bonus when purchasing gems or packages.

■The order in which free and paid Gems are used
When you use Gems, the paid Gems will be used first for the transaction.